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Dr Kathy Dooley Msc, DC

Watch and learn from Dr. Kathy Dooley these clips will explain  Diaphragm.  Resetting the Diaphragm,   Supine 90/90 breathing  Crocodile breathing.

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Dr. Emily Splichel  DPM, MS, CES 

Dr Emily explains: Releasing the foot  SHORT FOOT     Posterior Pelvis Reset for Coccydynia, Pregnancy, SI Joint and Back Pain   Foot pronation and flat feet 

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Dr Stewart Gillespie DC, is a Chiropractor and Osteopath specialising in Functional Medicine

Dr Stewart discussed the Immune system and your environment and type of immune system you have. .

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Cyndi George MSc Advanced Active Isolated Stretching

Follow along with Cyndi as she takes you through Active Isoalted Stretching- The Aaron Mattes Method.   Fingers & Hands    Toes & Feet     Distal Hamstrings,   Proximal Hamstrings   Torso

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Dr. Perry Nickleston DC, NKT, FMS, SFMA

Dr Perry teaches Lymphatic Mojo and Primal Movements.  Check out the BEST 4 visceral releases for pain and inflammation in the body.  Try Relaxing with Vagus lift

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Alastair McLoughlin  Designer of MSTR®

Alastair talks all about McLoughlin Scar Tissue Release scars in this podcast with Dr Perry on Stop Chasing Pain Podcast.

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